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Pumpkin How-To

“Since my kids are too old for Halloween pumpkin buckets now, I was looking to repurpose the ones I have into something interesting,” says Rhonda. “So, since I like working with all things concrete, I decided to turn mine into concrete planters. I had seen similar ideas on Pinterest using a Styrofoam pumpkin, but I didn’t have one of those. Don’t worry; this is an easy project, even for un-crafty people like me! Another plus is that it is really cheap. If you already have the pumpkins on hand, you are in luck, but if you buy them, they are less than $1 a piece. If you use a sack of pre-mixed concrete (the cheap stuff) it will cost under $3 and it will be enough to make two planters. So, if you do two of these it will cost less than $5! Let’s get to work creating.”

For this project you will need:

-One bag of concrete mix or your favorite concrete/hypertufa recipe
-Two plastic pumpkin pails
-A tub to mix the concrete
-Something to mix with (hands or a hand hoe)
-Cooking spray
-An inner mold—a couple of tall cups or similar will work
-Something to create a drainage hole, like a couple of squares (about one inch) of Styrofoam that was cut from a big piece. It has to be tall enough for the inner mold to sit on.
-A mask and a pair of gloves

Fire Pit Table How-To

Everyone loves a fire pit, so why not make a sturdy fire pit table top for your back yard. We made a mould out of old bits of wood we had laying around, also counter sunk some dents in it and placed marbles on it, also put crushed slate, big rocks and stuff off the beach, sea shells and other bits of glass on it which make the finish poduct artistic, the four pieces of wood are bits of Oak After pouring the concrete, we let it set for a week, then polished it. Painted a fire pit insert and built the legs. All this for less than $100. Give it a shot and you can create your own one of a kind back yard fire pit table top today!